Personalized Blanket Scarf, the perfect cozy wrap for your girlfriend or wife. You & Me Love

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The perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife!  This soft, soft, soft, fleece blanket scarf wraps around the recipient and includes the words "I love you.  I know you love to cuddle, so I joined my heart with yours to remind you that I am always here for you." with two puzzle pieces - one with "You" and another with "Me".  

It is a wonderful, very personal gift for your best friend, a family member, or someone you want to send a hug to!

The recipient's name is printed on the left side of the blanket scarf, and the person giving this special gift's name is printed on the right side of the blanket scarf (this is optional, and at no cost to you).   Please add the recipient's name and your name to the personalization space, if required.  Don't forget to tell me whether they are a recipient or the gift giver - thanks!


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A friend asked me to make her a blanket scarf for her home and travels.  She wanted to be able to slip something cozy over her shoulders while she read or watched TV.  Her and her husband are also planning a long driving trip this spring, and she thought it would be perfect for the trip as it wouldn't take up as much room as a full size blanket.  

Voila, the Say it With Words' Blanket was born!  The size is approximately 25" x 60" and the scarf is made from really soft fleece, and has serged edges.  The color is a very light cream, which provides the perfect backdrop for a quote, an image or photograph.  

You can change the words, artwork or add a photograph!  Please purchase the "own words" option to change the words or "add a photograph" option if you want to add an image, photograph, or scanned, handwritten note.  For both options, please indicate the change in the note to seller section.  If you chose the "add a photograph" option, please message me with a high resolution image file.  Please note:  I will not print any copyrighted words or images.

I use a process called sublimation.  It combines special ink, heat and polyester so your words become part of the fabric; they do not "sit" on the fabric so do not have a feel to them.  The fabulous thing about sublimated words on fleece, is that they will not fade, crack or peel.  The scarf can be washed and dried!

Have questions?  I would love to hear from you!


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