Personalized Baby or Toddler Blanket for a superhero.

Personalized Baby or Toddler Blanket for a superhero.

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Throw blanket for a superhero.  A blanket for a  that needs a little inspiration - child that may be fighting an illness, sad from a loss, lonely, or is worried...


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Inspired by a wonderful Grandmother named Laurene, who created the first Bennett Magic Blanket with superheros and the title "Bennett is a Superhero".  Laurene's grandson, Bennett, is fighting leukemia, and as you can imagine, when first diagnosed, Laurene felt devastated and totally out of control of the situation.  Laurene said that she knew if she created a magic blanket, Bennett would believe her that it is a magic blanket.  Bennett's blanket is always with him as he undergoes his treatments.  

The blankets are 30" x 40" and 50" x 60" and provide not only words of encouragement (Love, Believe, Strength & Courage), but are personalized with the child's initial on each superhero.  The blankets are so soft they add the feeling of a hug at the same time!  The blankets are also available in white, pink, blue, and yellow.  

The Bennett Magic Blankets are customizable if you prefer different words on your superhero.  Each blanket will include their name and initial (on each superhero).  Please provide the name in the notes section of your order.

Have questions?  Please email me at:  [email protected]

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